AN OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission) CHALLENGE

We have received a challenge from one of our members.  If we donate $800.00 to Our Church’s Wider Mission ( by August 31, 2014 that person will add $200.00.

A second person has taken up cause and will match the challenge amount with another $200.00.

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Palm Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 10:00 am

Maundy Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7:30 pm: Holy Communion and Tenebrae

Good Friday, April 18, 2014 at 7:30 pm: Video clip focus and preaching based on
“The Crucifixion” from 24hrs that Changed the World.

During Holy Week when Janel and/or Pastor Sue are at the church you are welcome to spend quiet meditation time in the sanctuary or at the meditation center, our oasis in the desert, we will construct in the back of the sanctuary.  Times available:

  • Monday: 9-5 Tuesday: 9-12 Thursday 9-5
  • Friday: by appointment with Pastor Sue

Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014
In our sanctuary at 7:00 AM, an early morning service (sunrise is long before). This is to be a joint service with the Presbyterians.
Breakfast in fellowship hall is to follow the service.

Regular 10:00 AM worship: “Christ the Victor” is the focus of our video
clip and the theme for service.

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Spring Mission Project – Mission Kits

The spring mission project is assembling mission kits to be sent to people in need in the United States and around the world. In April we will focus on hygiene kits and in May we will do Baby Care Kits. This project will culminate in a thanksgiving and dedication service on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, 2014.

April: Hygiene Kits – Goal of 20+ In the face of natural disasters, violence, or grinding poverty, Hygiene Kits can mean the difference between sickness and health for struggling families. We invite everyone to bring any of the items listed below, so we can meet our goal of 20 hygiene kits. Donation can be brought to the church office.

  • One hand towel measuring approximately 16″ x 28″ (no fingertip or bath towels)
  • One washcloth
  • One wide-tooth comb
  • One nail clipper
  • One bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)
  • One toothbrush (in original packaging)
  • Six standard size Band-Aids®

**No toothpaste is needed. Cartons of toothpaste with extended expiration dates are added just prior to shipment.

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Pipe Organ Rededication Concert for Church World Services Blanket +

Our Organ.  All main wind chests in this organ are designed and built with climate resistive engineering.

Earlier last summer our building was struck by lightning and our pipe organ was damaged.  Art Aadland of Aadland Pipe Organ Co ( worked on repairing the organ.

Art explaining more on the settings of the organ.

On February 23 we rededicated the organ with a musical concert and a presentation of pipe-organs history and information with the donations going to the Church World Services Blankets+  (CWS Blankets+) Blankets+ is a special mission opportunity for all ages providing funds to help people in need around the world.  CWS has worked in partnership with local communities to identify their needs and access the resources they need to build the foundation for a more viable future, including blankets, tents, food and other emergency supplies in the wake of a disaster among other assistances.

We thank all who attended and gave so generously to make this a huge success!!!  What a joyous success!! Over $708 was raised for Church World Services Blankets+. That translates into 141 blankets to help disaster relief victims around the world! “God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1. Thanks to all who contributed and helped to make this possible!!

Thank you Art for your many hours of work repairing the organ. Thank you Ellen for the many hours Art was able to work on the organ.

Thank you to Art Aadland for fixing our organ.  It sounded wonderful and is so great to have it back!!

Thank you Kevin, Clarence, Terry, Joyce, Art and Ellen

Clarence playing the organ during the organ dedication.

Terry playing the organ. Terry shares his favorite gospels.

Kevin playing a selection of compositions for the concert.


Thank you Clarence for your musical talents – a number of pieces self written  to display the colors on the organ.  You bless us in so many ways with your many talents of musical instruments.  The music is a blessing to our worship service.





Thank you Terry for the gospel music.  It is so great to hear the “soul” in those old hymns.




Thank you Kevin for your musical talents during the concert.  Your arrangement for the pipe organ from orchestral transcription and compositions showed off the organ.


When giving a presentation, always bring your own clock for time.




Our tour guide’s, Kevin, knowledge of the organ and music is “timeless” in sharing with all.  Kevin can make the organ go “coo-coo”.


Tour guide Capt Pipe Organ Kevin and assistant Joyce present a little “pipe-organ intro 101″ knowledge with those in attendance.




Thanks you to Capt. Pipe Organ Kevin and assistant Joyce for the history and information of pipe organs presentation.

Kevin and Joyce enjoy the music.

Kevin demonstrating how the wood pipe’s on the organ work.










If you would like a copy of the DVD please contact the church office via email: or phone 605-996-5104.  In addition to shipping costs, a $10.00 donation toward the organ fund is welcomed.

Thank you to our Global Missions Task Force and all the soup cooks for the yummy and well organized soup & bread supper.

Be watching for our next Global Missions project – collecting items for mission kits – more information to come soon.

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Congratulations to the Congregational United Church of Christ, Mitchell SD, on becoming a Global Mission Church!

Workshops, discussions and plans to become part of the Global Ministries of the UCC and the Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ) began about three years ago in our church.  We had supported  a variety of “global mission” projects over the years, but felt called to a commitment of expanding our efforts through prayer, education, projects and financing.  The Global Ministries program was an excellent way to do this.  We prayerfully discerned that this would be our goal.  We learned that at the 2009 Twenty-seventh General Synod meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a resolution was passed to promote and encourage all settings of the church to claim and implement the Global Mission Church designation, and declared the General Synod itself a “Global Mission Church.”

Following the General Synod’s example, and with the guidance of Rev. Dr. Suzanne Burris, we were able to reach this goal.  On November 10, 2013, at the General Ministry Meeting of the Congregational UCC, Mitchell SD, the congregation approved, by consensus, becoming a Global Mission Church.  The Covenant Statement was signed and sent in to the Synod, and our certificate of celebration arrived in December!  This designation can be noted on the following website.  We are excited to be called to this important work.  “You will be my witnesses…to the ends of the earth.”  – Acts 1:8

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