Thank You To All

We thank Clarence, Kevin and Terry for their wonderful musical talent in performing the various concerts.

Thank you to Clarence for sharing his many musical talents of instruments during the  “Christmas in July” concert – with the money going to the local snack pack program.  Thank you to Pastor Sue for sharing her wonderful voice and Joan sharing in the readings.

Thank you to Terry and Kevin for providing their musical talents of the gospels and personal renditions for the Food Pantry fundraiser concert.

Thanks to the community and church members for their generous donations and preparing the food.

See some pictures from the 2 concerts below.

Clarence playing the harp

Clarence with the spirit flowing through him in the music he plays
Clarence playing the bass flute
Clarence making the organ sing
Pastor Sue sharing her wonderful voice during a solo.
Joan reading a scripture
Terry sharing the spirit through the gospels.

Captain Pipe Organ Kevin – dancing with the organ with both his hands and feet.