HOLY WEEK Palm Sunday is March 25th and Mission Group is planning a Brunch Lunch (egg bake and rolls) after worship. This will be a celebration to conclude our Noisy Change Offering we have been taking through the weeks of Lent. That offering will go to the organization known as “KIND” to underwrite a scholarship…
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Noisy Change Offering

Be K.I.N.D. To a Student in Malawi: Donate a Desk or Scholarship This years “Noisy Change” Offering will be for K.I.N.D.  The goal is to raise $177.00 to provide a Scholarship for a student for a year. Every day, 70% of Malawi children struggle to learn while sitting on the ground. Giving them a simple…
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One Great Hour Of Sharing!

One Great Hour of Sharing! We received our “One Great Hour of Sharing” offering on March 11th. Much of this offering goes to disaster relief and to help with displaced persons in refugee camps all over the world. There are more now than even post World War II.

British Comedy Movie Night

Our British Comedy Movie Night was enjoyed by all in attendance.  We will be holding another  Movie Night on Saturday, April 7th at 7:00 PM.  We will again share in snack foods.  Open to all.

House Of Hope In Haiti

Our January 28th Potluck raised $230 for House of Hope in Haiti. We have already received a nice thank you letter from Global Ministries. Thank you from the Ministry of Missions for your support.